Our History

No manger, no swaddling clothes, just hard work and a good college education allowed me to morph into a long term self employed person in the accounting and tax area as a CPA. As I got older I ventured into various passions as businesses under the theory of “why have a hobby when you can make that hobby into a successful money-making venture?

Some of those hair-brain schemes worked and some did not. The good baggage remains, so for about 20 years in addition to being a “tax man” I have owned and operated a self-sustaining travel business, All American Travel. Instead of having payroll and employees, the agency makes each and every one of you into an outside sales agent for us and this entitles you to get paid for booking your own travel. This commission or rebate is 80% of what the agency earns for you doing your own work. Not a bad deal and allows me to be in the travel agency business; obviously exclusively via the internet.


Better known as aatc.com

More recently, in 2011, I started a company to assist self-employed taxpayers who can claim Earned Income Tax Credit, based upon their income. In most cases the IRS has the opinion that most of these taxpayers are lying about their income in order to receive a tax refund.

I do not agree that most are bogus, so I started a company that assists these folks in properly following the guidelines set out by the IRS in order to prove they are legitiment if they are audited by the IRS.